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R - Meet Roy

He is our favorite 6 year old. He is quit-witted, kind, and oh so quick to love. Roy has a contagious spirit. When we first meet Roy, he was living with a group of 30 other street boys along with his mother. Every time we would find Roy, we would soon find his mom; drunk or numbing her problems with another substance. This little boy is a miracle. The day we went to find this little man, he was nowhere to be found. We searched long and hard, but he was gone. Hot and heavy tears began to well and I could feel the anxiety of the whole situation building up. It was in that moment Holy Spirit whispered, "Breathe my daughter. I have him." It wasn't long after that there he was, proudly marching up the canal with his jacket in hand. He had went back to get his only lasting belonging.

Roy now has a place to call home. He has a family and community that loves him deeply. He never again will have to worry about where he will safely lay his head at night, or his grumbling tummy. Roy has a Father who will never stop passionately and relentlessly chasing after him.


Impoverished Blessings is based in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee. Our vision and heart for our products is to see East Africa radically impacted by the heart of Jesus.

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