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D - Meet Daniel

Meet our little Daniel. When we first found Daniel, he had heard the "white people" were looking for him and that was all he needed to hear. As soon as we saw Daniel running down the sidewalk full speed to jump into our arms, we knew he was the one. We came to find that Daniel grew up in a tiny shack outside the city, not much larger than most walk in closets. There he lived with 8 other brothers and sisters. His father milked cows here and there for local farmers, yet it never seemed to be enough for basic survival needs. Knowing all he knew to do, Daniel fled. He fled to the streets for comfort, for hope. Yet he was meet with nothing but heart-ache. He is only 6, yet he has experienced more than most of us have in a lifetime. We sat down for breakfast that next morning at a TABLE believe it or not with REAL PLATES. I looked over to see Daniel smiling ear to ear, his joy was uncontainable. Our hearts shattered at the thought of such little things being so great to our sweet boy. Daniel now is in school with his other brothers and sisters. He has guaranteed meals everyday to fill his tummy and never has to worry about where he'll rest his head at night. Daniel gets to be 6 again, and we feel so incredibly honored to play the tiniest role in his story.


Impoverished Blessings is based in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee. Our vision and heart for our products is to see East Africa radically impacted by the heart of Jesus.

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